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Welcome to the Article 17 web tool on biogeographical assessments of conservation status of species and habitats under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive

This page gives access to assessments both by the Member States and the EU biogeographical assessments by the ETC/BD and the EEA.

EEA is not responsible or liable for information on this site. Content does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of EEA or other European Communities bodies and institutions.

A public consultation was held in June 2014 and the EEA and the ETC/BD would like to thank all who participated. Some 500 comments were received and these have helped improve the assessments.

A guide to the assessments of conservation status is available at this link

Biogeographical assessments at EU 27 level:

Biogeographical assessments at Member State level:

Summary of assessments by group:


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