Article 17 web tool

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Habitat assessments at EU biogeographical level

The Article 17 web tool provides an access to EU biogeographical and Member States’ assessments of conservation status of the habitat types and species of Community interest compiled as part of the Habitats Directive - Article 17 reporting process. These assessments have been carried out in EU25 for the period 2001-2006, in EU 27 for the period 2007-2012 and in EU28 for the period 2013-2018.

Choose a period, a group, then a habitat type belonging to that group.
Optionally, further refine your query by selecting one of the available biogeographical regions for that habitat type.
Once a selection has been made the conservation status can be visualised in a map view.

The ‘Data sheet info’ includes notes for each regional and overall assessment per habitat.

The ‘Audit trail’ includes the methods used for the EU biogeographical assessments and justifications for decisions made by the assessors.